Animation project:

As Far As You Can See

Curated by Kulturbyrået Mesén in Oslo
For: Helse Førde barne-og kvinne avdeling.

Animation (day and night videoloop) with sound.

In commission of Helse Førde and curated by Kulturbyrået Mesén I am working on an artwork that consists of a 3 screen video and sound installation with animation, wallpaper design throughout 2 hallways and an outdoor Gobo projection. All the elements are connected together as one whole artwork.

The concept is to create a wallpaper that is visible on certain parts of the walls in the hallway and digitally on the 3 video screens that are connected together.
An 3-dimensional natural world opens up slowly and steadily behind a pattern of plant elements.
The digital version of the wallpaper visible on the flat screens will come alive. Plants grow, flowers open, insects and birds come out of their hiding place and start flying around.
The background between the botanical pattern subtly dissolves like a morning mist to reveal a deep open landscape.
The pattern on the wallpaper will undergo a transformation to be seen on every panel, but so evenly over time that you hardly notice the change.

Sketch ideas


Animation in progress, view day-scape and night-scape




Eksperimentell animasjon/experimental animation
Lengde/duration: ca. 10 min
Regi/director: Simone Hooymans
Animasjon/animation: Simone Hooymans and Hans Pulles Produsent/producer: Turid Rogne
Finansører/financiers: Vestnorsk Filmsenter, Norsk filminstitutt, Fond for lyd og bilde

The perpetual tapestry is an experimental animation about a collapsing world in transformation, where everything is tied together by the threads in a woven tapestry.

Det uendelege teppet er ein eksperimentell animasjonsfilm om ei verd som er i ferd med å gå under og bli transformert, og alt er bunde saman av trådar i ein bildevev.

Expected: 2024


Drawing process before the animation is build up in a digital surrounding.


Animation in production. Digital process.


Weaving workshop learning to understand the technique



Hidden Soul of the Fjord – Album of Heidi Torsvik and Winter Lazerus

Beneath the Surface touch the Sky

Animation 16 min. by Simone Hooymans

The animation for the song  ́Beneath The Surface Touch The Sky ́ is a journey from the deepest places of the Fjord up to the highest mountain-top.

This is the second time I work with Torsvik/Winter on an animation/music project. The first project was a short animation made for the song 
́Trees That Whisper ́.

Above: Testing at Kunsthuset Kabuso of “Beneath the surface touch the sky”