All That Space Between Us

Director: Simone Hooymans
Animation: Simone Hooymans
Second animator: Hans Pulles
Sound composition: Mari Kvien Brunvoll
Voice: Mari Kvien Brunvoll
Original duration: 5 min. videoloop
Commissioned by Studio Puur for Het Rijtven the Netherlands.

A large curtain is revealing the world behind it. A world that consists of layers of memories. Memories of the past or is it yet to come?

The animation film All that space between us was commissioned for The Rijtven,  a community of people dealing with intellectual and physical challenges, which operates under the auspices of ORO care organisation The Netherlands. It has been shown in a videoloop for one year in a multi-functional Snoezel-Lounge space for the residents and for their families or guests.


The initiative for this lounge cinema came from dutch artists duo Sjaak Langenberg & Rosé de Beer from Studio Puur.