No Space Between Us

Commission for Messen Kunstpark 2021
Material: wood, metal, paint, robe.
Located at Messen Kunstpark Ålvik.

I had the honor to make one of the first artworks for the park together with the visual artists Aud Bækkelund and Gabriel Johann Kvendseth.

The work “No Space Between Us” is a continuation of the theme which I work with as an artist, reflecting on the complex relationship between human and nature. This work is a 3 dimensional work in the line of my animation: “All That Space Between Us” from 2018. In this animation we are inside an interior of a house where the walls slowly almost unnoticeable dissolve. Revealing a large tree with a tree house, standing in the centre of a wide landscape. The layers between human and nature are peeled off and the open space feels liberating.

In this new artwork “No Space Between Us” I worked with the opposite thought by making the space between human and nature so small that the tree and the house seem to have grown together in time and live as one existence. This paper white house in the center of the tree is more an icon of a house than a house you can actually enter. The white walls are catching the shadow-play of the trees waving branches. During the seasons the tree will turn the white surface of the house into a color scale of its own. The question can be asked if this is a warm and close embracement between the two entities or an oppressive relationship in search for there own living space? Do they differ in nature or are they actually the same? Maybe they are living in synergy and together become greater than the sum of their separate existence.