Farewell Glacier


Drawings and animation by Simone Hooymans
Animation and special effects by Hans Pulles
Terje Isungset: iceofone & concept
Maria Skranes: voice
Toivo Fjose: bass
Julie Rokseth: harp
Lyder Øverås Røed: guitar
Ice instruments recorded in an igloo in Norway March 2021.

The music is available at Terje Isungsets album “Glacial Poetry”, released in 2022
Music composed by Isungset, Skranes, Fjose, Rokseth, Røed
Idea & concept: Terje Isungset
All Ice Records, Norway 2023
All rights reserved www.all-ice.no www.terjeisungset.no

Supported by Fond for lyd og bilde