“Ancient Waves”
videoinstallation, 2021
Material:  digital projection, paper and ink
Size: 650 cm x 250 cm

“Ancient Waves” is an animation in which Hooymans plays with graphic forms and an iconography of waves. Staring at the waters of the Norwegian fjord near her house she wondered how to depict the wave in its purest form through animation. She realised that water is the natural sculptor of the shape of the mountain landscape.

Her fascination of these ancient forms led her to research how art in the East and the West has interpreted water and waves in the past. Her source of inspiration for this animation came from an antique book by Yūzan Mori, published in 1917, describing the graphic iconography of illustrated sea waves in Japan, and in which Mori illustrated the wave in its many variations.

Combined with a Norwegian inspired landscape, the animation depicts a universe where water takes on new forms and is inextricably connected with the shapes of our landscape.


photo credits: Morten Barker