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Simone Hooymans  – CV

Born 1974, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Lives and works in Norway.
member of:  BKH and NBK, Harding Puls, VISP, BONO

2004 – 2005 Postgraduate st.Joost, Breda, Fine Art, the Netherlands (MA).
1998 – 2002 Art academy HKA Arnhem, Fine Art, the Netherlands (BA).
1992 – 1996 St. Lucas Boxtel, Graphic design, the Netherlands.  

Filmography and video art, nominations and awards:
2024 (in production) / The Perpetual Tapestry. Animation. Producer Turid Rogne, Aldeles AS.
2023 / Farewell Glacier
2022 / Chapel of very small Creations. Video installation.
2021/22 / Falling Stone. animation.
2021 / Ancient Waves. video installation.
2020 / Talking Plants. video installation for public space. Commissioned animation for Deichman library Oslo.

2019 / RAS, animation. Producer Turid Rogne, Aldeles AS.
– 2020 Online Award ReAnima International Animation Festival Norway.

2019 / Let´s sing and make magic before the day speaks. animation 3 min.
2018 / The Quiet Beauty, commissioned music video for Røyst Trio

2018 / All That Space Between Us. Animation for public space.
Commissioned by HealthCare organization ORO in the Netherlands.
– 2019 / Award for best animation at the Art Quake Kyoto Art Biennale, Japan.

2018 / When The Icehorn Blows (4:16 min),
Commissioned music video for Terje Isungset.
– 2019 Alternative Music festival. Best Music video

2017 / Meet Me There – Meet Me Then (5:11 min loop)
Animated video installation, with music of Terje Isungset.
Commissioned by HealthCare organization ORO in the Netherlands.

2016 / Rett Ned (7 min).
Commissioned music video for Building Instrument.
– 2016 TMFF Awards, online Film festival. Nomination Best Experimental Film of the month.
– 2017 SWEET AS Film Canada. Nomination Best music video
– 2017 Semi finalist in competition at International Short Film Festival Kalmthout in Belgium.
– 2017 Honorabel Mention at Kortfilmfestivalen Grimstad, Norway

2015 / Sweet Mysterious (6 min).
Experimental animation with music of Mari Kvien Brunvoll.
– 2016 London IFF Film festival. Winner of Best Music video.
– 2016 TMFF Awards, Online FilmFestival. Winner Best Experimental Film of the Month.
– 2016 Portsmouth Film Festival. Nomination for Best Non narrative Animation.
– 2016 Selby Film Festival, Great Britain. Nomination for best Music Video.
– 2017 Special Mention Award. Movie Screen Pro Film Festival.
– 2017 Music Video Underground, Paris, Semi Finalists.

2014 / Astrofeut (20 min loop). Video installation.
2014 / Unexpected Meeting (2 min, loop). Video installation.
2012 / After Office Hours (4 min). Animation.

2008 / Broken Horizon (4:44 min).
Animation. Commissioned by Dziga Nijmegen (Creative platform for video)
– 2009 Nomination CASZUIDAS Urban screen festival prize, Amsterdam.
– 2009 Official selection for Ars Electronica, Film festival Austria.
– 2009 Official selection NFF, Dutch Film festival Utrecht.
– 2016 Troyes Film Festival, France. Nomination for best Animation.
– 2017 Finalist at G2 Green Earth Film Festival, Los Angeles USA.

2008 / Planisphere (10 min. loop).
Animation. Site specific video for 4-channel video projection for the video wall#9.
Commissioned by Lazy Marie Utrecht, the Netherlands (Creative platform for video).
2007 / Worlds in itself Video installation with 3 animations, each duration 1 min.
2005 / Saljoetsilo (5 min). Post graduation film, art academy Post St. Joost Breda, the Netherlands.
2005 / Royal Flush of the Slobberhoeve (5 min.), Short film, with music of composer Arjan Eldering. (5:35 min)
Commissioned by Dziga Nijmegen (Creative platform for video), NL.