Sweet Mysterious
Animation: Simone Hooymans
Special effects: Hans Pulles

Music by Mari Kvien Brunvoll

Year: 2015

Duration: 7 min.
Techniek: HD animation with watercolor drawings and 3D computer technique


TMFF Review, for the Experimental of the month Award 2016
‘Sweet Mysterious’ comes from Norway from director Simone Hooymans. Now, a lot of filmmakers choose the experimental path but going experimental is no easy job to do as it is not enough to just film something away and put the takes together as if that would be enough and being an experimental after all would already excuse the project from having a clear logic and trying to serve a certain meaning. Well… ‘Sweet Mysterious’ is one of those rare projects that reminds and teaches us what an authentic experimental really is.

Actually ‘Sweet Mysterious’ has an emotional logic, it’s what one could call a film with a high EQ (Emotional Quotient) so it will rather communicate its meanings at an emotional level.

Watching Simone Hooymans’ film is quite a unique experience that teaches a lot about the deep connections of the spirit with nature and its origins, a connection that nowadays most of us have pushed into oblivion.