The Art Observatorium Jizaino present “Deus Ex Terra”, a new group exhibition dedicated to environmentalism aimed to the research of modus vivendi that are balanced with nature, beyond the simple denounce of its destruction, and in sync with the cosmos.

The human species successfully existed for millions years in harmony with nature, never destroying the environment as it is doing since just barely more than one century: ancient civilisations did understood the universe even not launching rockets to the Moon, breaking the atom, bending life or bleed dry the depths of the earth. The potentiality of imagination is sufficient to satisfy the urge to understand, because all that satiates the mind is already in ourselves and all that fulfills the body is already in the nature.

Deus Ex Terra
Visions beyond the deception of wealth
12 – 29 December 2019
CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium
Corso Buenos Aires 42 11
Lavagna (GE), Italy


Review by the curator:

Simone Hooymans is interested in the natural environment and fauna. Particular in the fragile equilibrium and the species endangered by the anthropic effects in Northern territories.

Hooymans composes with a hand and digital hybrid technique fascinating animations of natural worlds belonging to a familiar yet fantastic ecosystem. Magical, populated by a variety of organisms that seem to come out from the Voynich manuscript. Turns out to be just the earthly dimension of a larger universe enclosing it in a harmonious and poetic oneness.

This connection between natural world and cosmic deeps evokes in a hypnotic and mystic way. Like an enlightenment reaching the prisoner in the Plato´s cave favoring a lucid meditation that draws near the sublime and the cognition of cosmic belonging.