Move Forward Step Back

“Move forward step back” is an site specific  “analogue” work of 3 different interactive artworks printed and executed in lenticular technique and based on  handmade watercolor drawings.

Made in commission of Rogaland fylkeskommune for the technical high school Godalen vgs in Stavanger.

From different viewing directions there seems to be movements and transformations happening in the images on the wall. 

In this multi layered image nothing seems as it is and everything changes from different angles.

The lenticular exists of two panoramic landscapes that blend into each other, depending on the viewing angle. Closely you see a small portal to the other landscape and further away the portal becomes wider.

The panoramic lenticular pieces, adapted to the function of the space, comes to life by the natural movement of people walking by, inviting to connect and interact with the works.

The works are titled:

  1. Hoodie-Fox (at the main entrance on a red wall, size: 230 cm x 180 cm)
    3 panel lenticular, framed in aluminium black frame.

  2. City-Fox (in 2 parts opposite of the cantine, size 2x 475 cm x 80 cm )
    8 panel lenticular, framed in aluminium black frame.

  3. Swamp-Balance (opposite of the reception, size: 720 cm x 104 cm)
    6 panel lenticular, framed in aluminium black frame.


“Move forward step back” er et “analogt” verk av 3 forskjellige interaktive kunstverk trykt og utført i lenticular teknikk og basert på kunstneres håndlagde akvarelltegninger.

Commissioned by/Utsmykking til Godalen vgs 2022.
Rogaland Fylkeskommune

July 2023

Photos are made while the building was under construction.