Beneath The Surface Touch The Sky

Animation 16 min. by Simone Hooymans

Music and composition by Heidi Torsvik and Lazerus Winter .
Producer Lazerus Winter.

The animation for the song  ́Beneath The Surface Touch The Sky ́ is a journey in search for the soul of the fjords from the deepest hidden places up to the highest mountain-top. An exploration of layers of experience that exist in the extraordinary Fjord regions of Western Norway.

In  ́Beneath The Surface Touch The Sky ́ I react on a deeper emotional understanding and connection I have with the fjord landscape that is surrounding me. I am interested in the power of nature that is difficult to capture with the logic of reason. Familiarity or unfamiliarity with nature arises unconsciously, leaving space open for the mystery of life.

  ́Beneath The Surface Touch The Sky ́  is part of the album and art project  “Hidden Soul Of The Fjords”.

Initially composed in an old wooden home on the edge of the fjord waters and including multiple eld recordings and found sounds from travels throughout the region, “Hidden Soul Of The Fjords” album production touches the heart, mind and Soul with a unique musical vision that that might remind the listener of such diverse musical references as Arvo Part and Massive Attack. Hidden Soul Of The Fjords seeks to bring the magic of one of the Earth’s greatest natural eco-systems to the all who listen in a one-of-a-kind ‘Elemental-Sonic Soundscape.”


Release: April 2024

Teaser: coming soon….