Titel: “Chapel of Very Small Creations”

Animation duration: 7 min video loop. 

hanging screen, projector, mediaplayer, soundinstallation.
Size: 350 cm x 207 cm

The sound made in collaboration with students and staff of Leeds Conservatoire in the UK.

with composers: Dave Kane, Kari Bleivik and Christopher Quick.
Animation and drawings: Simone Hooymans
Animation and special effects: Hans Pulles
Sound design Simone Hooymans and Hans Pulles.

Title: “Red dancing lilies”
2 min animation loop
No sound
Material: Water color paint, hanji paper, wood, projector.
Size: 50 cm x 6 meter
Animation and drawing: Simone Hooymans
Special effects: Hans Pulles

Animation installation projection on Korean hanji paper
Titled “Red dancing lilies” is a short animation played in videoloop of the red spider lily that grows only once a year in the autumn in South Korea.

The red spider lily represents a portal to the world of the death and a chance for the living to meet their ancestors. In Korea the flower means: “Remembering each other”