In 2017/2018 I was working as VJ  with the Norwegian band Building Instrument for DKS Hordaland (Den Kulturelle skolesekken/ Norwegian school concerts). We made a music production for 8 – 10th grade.

During Spring 2017 and Autumn 2018 I travelled around the South-West of Norway and performed as VJ during the concerts we held at many different schools throughout the West of Norway. 

The cultural school bag (DKS) ensures a professional arts and culture offer in the school in a way that supports the pedagogical work and contributes to the realization of the school’s curriculum goals.

Building Instrument:
Mari Kvien Brunvoll (voice, various electronics, percussion, zither)
Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (drums, percussion)
Åsmund Weltzien (keys)