Portrait of a Stone

The Portrait of a Stone serie, began with the project Chinese Whisperes, of Gallery Nasty Alice in the Netherlands, and Gallery Karin Jansen in London, in 2015. The first portrait was one of the artworks in the chain of artworks created by many artists, for this project.

The subject kept me intrigued for a long time. It might be very unusual to portrait a stone, as if it is human-like. But the idea that stones are the oldest forms of presence on earth, made me create the idea of giving them their own status, in the form of a portrait.

This is a continues project.


Right top:
Portrait of a Stone I
Pastel and golden oil pastel on paper
30 X 21 cm


Right down:
Portrait of a Stone II
Pastel and golden oil pastel on paper
24 X 24 cm