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How beautiful – How catastrophic

Welcome to the opening of my solo exhibition at Kunstgarasjen in Bergen on January 10th at 19:00 !

And… I am happy to announce that my dear friends from Building Instrument will play a little concert at my opening !!!

The exhibition will be filled with my animations and music from: Terje Isungset, Røyst Trio, Mari Kvien Brunvoll and Building Instrument.
Hope to meet you there !


´Of Nature´ in Korean magazine

I am excited! Santa came with this exotic post today and gave me my own copy of the Korean design and lifestyle magazine where I have been interviewed for 2 months ago! (only the unboxing itself was already fun!)

The article is following the exhibition ´Of Nature´ where I was part of in 2018 at the Suwon iPark Museum of Art in South Korea. Thank you curator Hyun Jin Park and HyunJu Yu !

“Deus Ex Terra”

My animation Meet Me There – Meet Me Then with music of Terje Isungset will be shown at the group exhibition: “Deus Ex Terra” at the CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium Lavagna, Italy.
12 – 29 December 2019

The Art Observatorium Jizaino present “Deus Ex Terra”, a new group exhibition dedicated to environmentalism aimed to the research of modus vivendi that are balanced with nature, beyond the simple denounce of its destruction, and in sync with the cosmos.

The human species successfully existed for millions years in harmony with nature, never destroying the environment as it is doing since just barely more than one century: ancient civilisations did understood the universe even not launching rockets to the Moon, breaking the atom, bending life or bleed dry the depths of the earth. The potentiality of imagination is sufficient to satisfy the urge to understand, because all that satiates the mind is already in ourselves and all that fulfills the body is already in the nature.

Deus Ex Terra
Visions beyond the deception of wealth
12 – 29 December 2019
CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium
Corso Buenos Aires 42 11
Lavagna (GE), Italy

Lantic Scapes Haarlem

Now in de Vishal in Haarlem!
Lantic Scapes, an exhibition of Bethany de Forest, Ellen de Vries and Simone Hooymans.
The artists Bethany de Forest, Simone Hooymans and Ellen de Vries share their fascination for landscapes and create their own, surreal, sometimes idealistic versions of this. Their worlds take on a photographic and cinematic form through the use of analog / lo-fi techniques, combined with modern computer techniques.

From 8. November until 9 December 2019.
De Vishal is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 – 17:00



I am happy to announce that my animation RAS is selected for Statens Høstutstillingen 2019 in Oslo!
My work has been selected out of 2344 submitters this year!

This important annual State exhibition nr. 132,  takes place from 7. september – 13. oktober at Kunstnerhus in OSLO.
I am also part of satellitt I Valnesfjord, which is a collaboration for a public space art project between Høstutstillingen and Valnesfjord skole i Fauske kommune.

Art colony Galichnik

I am invited by the curator of the National gallery in Skopje Macedonia, Ana Frangovska, for a 10 days new media art residency at the Art Colony in Galichnik.

We will give presentations and workshops during the residency and in Oktober there will be a retrospective exhibition of 30 years Art colony Galichnik with our works in the National Gallery in Skopje.

I feel so lucky!

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