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OOH Urban Video art festival Kosovo

OOH is an urban, public video art festival, executed outside of the context of traditional art venues.The festival will present international video art of high artistic quality through public space projections in the city of Gjilan, Kosovo.
The work of each artist will be presented non-stop during an entire week. Each week will be completed by a live or online artist talk.
One of the main goals of OOH is creating a platform which gives time and opportunity to a broad audience to interact with the phenomenon of video art. The viewers will be able to absorb the video art and subsequently relate it to their personal live and their society.
The relationship between the content and audience, what the art is saying and to whom, is just as important if not more important than its physical location.

Selected animations:
All That Space Between Us
Meet Me There – Meet Me Then
Rett Ned

OOH is a cooperation between Varg e Vi Contemporary Art Center and curator Maureen Bachaus (NL).

For all information:

Every Woman Biennial – New York

The Quiet Beauty is selected for the Every Woman Biennial Film Festival in New York this year! 

My film will be shown alongside the visual art selections at the historical art venue 222 Bowery, New York, – creative home of Andy Warhol, William Burroughs and many more!

Screening  program:

Every day from:

  • Monday 20th May until Friday 24th May from⋅7:00 – 9:30pm
  • 27th May 7:00 – 9:30pm, 
  • 28 and 29th May 07:00 pm 2:30 am

222 Bowery
222 Bowery, New York, NY 10012, USA


GIRL’S GAME by Julia Shuvchinskaya

Runtime: 4min

Country: Russia


The Animation of Mortality: Ne Me Quitte Pas by Caroline Falby

Runtime : 5min

Country: USA


Before Your Body Curls by Livia Ihinosen Ohihoin

Runtime: 6min40s

Country: USA


The Quiet Beauty by Simone Hooymans

Runtime: 5min28s

Country: Norway


What Else Needs to Happen?

Runtime: 5min54s

Country: France


Pieceful Bodies by

Runtime: 1min4s

Country: USA


The Burden by Kristina Bastelj

Runtime: 5min

Country: Slovenia


Mary Todd Lincoln or Why I Couldn’t Finish the Video In Time by Katy McCarthy

Runtime: 7min17s

Country: USA



Runtime: 4min34s

Country: USA


Sin Ultra by Amanda Kramer

Runtime: 8:11min

Country: USA


“Felicia’s Smile” by Klaus Hastenreiter 

Runtime: 19:24

Country: Brazil


Zang Tumb Tumb by Tias Banerjee

Runtime: 6:49

Country: India


Starvation by Zahra Rostampour

Runtime: 7:12min

Country: Iran


My Label 

Runtime: 4:41min

Country: Belgium


At a Dinner Party by Nicole Marie Harvey

Runtime 2:14min

Country: USA


Stickie by Olive Couri

Runtime: 2min37s



Runtime: 1min

Country: France


HouseTour by Laura Karetzky

Runtime: 5:15

Country USA


De Natura by Draghicescu Andreea

Runtime: 5min45s

Country: Romania


Transitions by  Ana Barroso

Runtime : 15min

Country: Portugal


YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME (and look who is fucking sorry now) by Allison Beda

Runtime 2min

Country: USA


The Quiet Beauty by Simone Hooymans

Runtime: 5:28

Country: Norway


See saw, past passing by Maile Costa Colbert

Runtime: 8min45s

Country: France


Le Umane Paure (Human Fears) by Monica Marino

Runtime: 13min48s

Country: Italy


New York After Rain by Haisi Hu

Runtime: 5min53s

Country: USA


Organisator: Every Woman Biennial – Film Festival Schedule

Every Woman Biennial – Film Festival Schedule

Maker: Gemaakt door:

Gemaakt door:

Kortfilmfestivalen Grimstad 2019 !

I am double happy to announce that 2 of my animations have been selected for the Short Film Festival in Grimstad Norway !!
– The Quiet Beauty – Røyst Trio, for the music video competition program.
– All That Space Between Us, with sound from Mari Kvien Brunvoll, for the Norwegian short film competition program.

Congratulations to Røyst Trio and Mari Kvien Brunvoll and of course to ORO and Het Rijtven !

When the Ice Horn Blows

My animation When the Ice Horn Blows, with music by Terje Isungset, will be shown in the category World Cinema Short Animation at the 11th International Children’s Film Festival in Lucknow, India !
4th April – 12th April 2019

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