I realise more and more, that every scene I make in an animation is a painting by itself. 
Simone Hooymans



I work with experimental animation in various ways, using hand-made ink drawings and coloration and combining them with sophisticated computer technology.
Making ink drawings for my animations, is very important for me, because I enjoy the physical aspect of drawing and the personal expression it can provide, without interference of complex techniques.

Within my animations I make a completely distinctive, adventurous universe; a mythological world that is timeless, mysterious and dreamy and with an ominous undertone. My twisted fairy tale universe is mostly without a clear narrative. The viewer has to draw their own conclusions. The works are autonomous visual art pieces, with the freedom and ability to exist in installation forms.
An underlaying theme in my animation work is the retracting of nature and questioning fast urbanization and technology. I am exploring how we relate to this, through different emotional states, such as harmony and fear.

My work took part in many international group exhibitions and filmfestivals, One of my animations reveived recently the Honorable Mention Award at Grimstad Kortfilmfestivalen in Norway. My animations and drawings are in collections in the Netherlands, the UK and in Norway.